• I was 145 Kg, 185 cm with a BMI of 42.
  • I lost 63 kg in 15 months.
  • Now I am 82 Kg. I lost 106 % of my excess body weight with a new BMI of 24.
  • After Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy.

I am a Pharmacist and I have a good medical background regarding obesity operations. I went to many obesity surgeons in Egypt to complete the information on the process. In the end I went to take all the information about the operation from Dr. Mohamed El Masry and he had explained to me all the advantages and disadvantages of weight loss operations during the first visit to the clinic. We choose the appropriate process for my case together. In the end we chose the sleeve gastrectomy operation and this based on certain scoring system and the nature of food habits and my weight. Without hesitation I made the necessary tests and investigations and took the decision to make the operation.

The operation was done about a year and a few months ago and my life completely changed during this period, day by day. I have become easier in movement and my job performance became better. I did not hesitate for a moment to do the operation and few months ago, I bring my mother to do the same operation.


  • I was 200 Kg, 180 cm with a BMI of 62.
  • I lost 108 kg in 18 months.
  • Now I am 92 Kg. I lost 91 % of my excess body weight with a new BMI of 28.
  • After Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy.

Having battled with my weight for long time, I spent the majority of my life struggling with issues of low self-esteem, deprivation from constant dieting, and guilt over hundreds of failed attempts to lose weight. I was unable to walk very far without being winded.

I did the operation one and half years ago. I lost 91 % of my excess body weight. I have a great will to be as I am now. Obesity has been like a prison, which restricts movements and my decisions of my life. So I decided to change my life completely and skip the restrictions of this prison, so I can live, I am in the age of thirties and this was my difficult life. How will I live in this weight after that? I look at the pictures from before my surgery and can't imagine that was me or what it felt like to be that heavy.


  • I was 111 Kg, 160 cm with a BMI of 43.
  • I lost 55 kg in 16 months.
  • Now I am 56 Kg. I lost 117 % of my excess body weight with a new BMI of 22.
  • After Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy.

I've lost my confidence completely. I always felt that I am little. I used to hate myself too much. I wished I could live as any girl. I wished I could live my age. I always felt like I miss something. I was desperate of my life. I was trying to hide from eyes because of their bad words. I was always introverted. I felt as an abnormal thing. I always cried because of this situation. I want to lose weight that was my hope.

I tried to make diet but it always failed. I heard about weight loss surgeries from my mom. I felt that it will be my last hope. I decided to do the operation. Later, my mom was refusing it and I heard from many people that the operation may be very dangerous and usually fails. However, I took the decision as it was my last chance to lose weight. I said ‘‘Enough honor attempt’’.

Now I lost all my excess body weight and my BMI is 22 (it is a great job). I have become a human being again. I feel confident. I have a great hope in my life. Now I do not feel ashamed of myself. Now I returned back to myself to be myself.


  • I was 125 Kg, 175 cm with a BMI of 41.
  • I lost 30 kg in 5 months and still going down.
  • Now I am 95 Kg. I lost 62 % of my excess body weight with a new BMI of 31.
  • After Laparoscopic Gastric Bypass.

I was hypertensive and my cholesterol level was elevated and I was on medications. My body's overweight has been an obstacle for the proper performance of my work and also during praying. I could not practice any sport because of the severe pressure, which caused by my belly on the spine. Now I can I practice my career quite naturally and I can walk and exercise for long periods of time without feeling tired.

In addition, cholesterol level has been improved dramatically. And also I completely stopped medications used for blood pressure and heart. So, I advise all suffer from morbid obesity quickly take the appropriate decision for him/her to reduce their weight so that they can live freely and start a new cheerful life.


  • I was 141 Kg, 175 cm with a BMI of 46.
  • I lost 56 kg in a year.
  • Now I am 85 Kg. I lost 87 % of my excess body weight with a new BMI of 28.
  • After Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy.

As I'm reaching my one year anniversary I reflect on how much my life has changed. I have a new found confidence from my personal life to my professional life. I want to offer and encouragement to anyone who is hesitant or afraid of taking this step as I start. But the bitter and painful attempts with dieting, which teeters between success and failure and restore the lost weight again made my feet to process something necessary but it was my only hope in life. And here I am now lost weight 56 Kg in one year. I didn't realize how bad I felt before...now I have the energy to do a better job at work and get through the day no matter what is on my agenda. I also have the energy and strength to keep up with my friends. And have changed and improved my life and my mental health and to much better. And on top of these improvements, ditch the dreaded diabetes risk. As well as improved mental state and performance in working and private life.

Improvement of the appearance is never as important as the above because of its impact on self-confidence and happiness. It is enough that I am not obliged to search the stores and wearing xxxxx large that only available for large sizes regardless of their colors and brands. Now I wear what I like and choose at any time and from anywhere. And the fact you will not hide how much I was reluctant to start it up and how much I was afraid of the operation. But simply I discovered that no matter how bad the result of anonymous will not be worse than frustration, despair and illness. But what actually happened is achievement of my dreams that rarely achieved. And I see my dreams come true and become a new person living a new life full of health and vitality. This is what I wish you all.


  • I was 162 Kg, 153 cm with a BMI of 69.
  • I lost 58 kg in 11 months and still going down.
  • Now I am 104 Kg. I lost 56 % of my excess body weight with a new BMI of 44.
  • After Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy.

May I look to many people just a picture or a case that got rid of 50% of excess weight? But this is contrary to the truth, my obesity's trip began twenty years ago after i got my children and my weight continued to rise from 82 kg until it reached 162 Kg (double weight). This weight was a disaster; the issue is the evolution of a woman suffering from weight increase to a patient complaining from many diseases. My condition started with an increase in blood pressure and diabetes, and was a great disaster when problems began to appear in both my legs and the diagnosis was cellulitis and my movements became very slow and I began to feel I am a burden on all around me.

Suddenly I got a strangulated hernia in the intestines that required urgent surgery. The operation was done successfully, but the wound has not healed because of severely obese belly and I suffered a lot of pain. Then my leg's problem increased. I went to a doctor and it was a big shock when he said to me that obesity worsens my leg condition that may lead to the need for amputation of my legs due to obesity. And he stressed the need for surgical intervention to stop this risk of obesity that would destroy my life.

I went to the doctor who saved my life. I thought that everything he was saying illusions. He said that there is no impossible with the progress of medicine. I agreed to do sleeve gastrectomy with a feel inside me I think that the matter either. The operation took place on 15/03/2012. And now I celebrated my first year of life. My weight now becomes 104 kg. Now, I can practice my life with my family normally. All my diseases ended (blood pressure, diabetes and cellulitis). I am now carrying the burden of others after I was a burden for them. I am visiting all of my friends and do my job easily. Thank God Thanks to the man who was the best support in the last 12 months and get me out from the grave of obesity to the sky of world.

Weight loss surgery

Weight loss surgery (Bariatric surgery) is a surgical procedure performed for treatment of morbid obesity. Weight loss surgery has existed since the 1960's, having gone through significant evolution from the early days of the jejunoileal or jejunocolic bypass operations and the horizontal gastroplasty or original stomach stapling. Modern day procedures include:

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